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  • 8 Watch Winder Safe Black Edition
  • 8 Watch Winder Safe Black Edition Open
  • 8 Watch Winder Safe Black Edition Open Front
  • 8 Watch Winder Safe Black Edition Door Closed
  • 8 Watch Winder Safe Black Edition Closed Side View
  • 8 Watch Winder Safe Black Edition Switches
  • 8 Watch Winder Safe Black Edition Bolt Down Holes Pre Drilled
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Watch Winder Safe for 8 Watches Black Edition by Aevitas

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8 Watch Winder Safe Black Edition

This is a Safe with 8 Watch Winders professionally built inside. Built into a Strong Heavy Real Black Microfibre Leather Lined Safe with Digital Locking Mechanism with Bullet Proof Glass Door for real security. Enter using a Key Code, Digital Key Card or backup key. Complete with internal LED lighting. Weighing 34 kilos and Pre Drilled to enable Bolt Down to a Wall and includes bolt down kit.

Multiple Programs to suit any Automatic Watch. The Watch Holder is designed to fit all watches and all wrist sizes from 6 to 8 1/2 inches. The motors are Silent and very reliable, these are designed to last. The drawer is empty and will hold all your other watches , jewellery and other valuables. Superior Quality and Finishing Detail. Two Year Manufacturer Warranty (Mainland UK). 100% Serviceable.

These Watch Winders will wind any automatic watch, the Turns per Day settings are : 650, 750, 850, 1000, or 1950 in Either or Both Directions. Each Rotor can be set and individually controlled. This is perfect for 100% of Automatic watch Brands. These watch winders will never over wind your watch, it completes its intermittent winding program during a 12 hour period and then rests for 12 hours, allowing your watch to run as it would without being worn during night time. Perfectly mimicking natural winding whilst on your wrist.

Quality MicroFibre Leather Finish with Contrast Stitching

Packed with Features including:

12 O'Clock Stop

Mechanical Key and Electronic Entry

LED Interior lighting

8 Individually Controlled Motors

Auto Stop when Door Opened

Watch Cushions Suits all Wrist Sizes from 6 to 8 1/2 Inches

Silent Motors

Quality Finish with Leather Accents Hand Finished

Comes with Reliable Mechanical Option to open should you forget codes

Weight 34 Kilo

Size 44 W x 27 D x 42.5 H (cms)

2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Delivery Currently 2 to 3 Days