Aevitas 4 Watch Winder Black Edition

Just Released The New Black Edition Watch Winders by Aevitas

The all new Aevitas Black Edition Watch Winders are available now in the Single, 2 and 4 watch versions. Packed with all the usual Premium Features including :

  1. 360 Degree watch holder placement
  2. 12 O'clock Stop
  3. Smart Easy Read Touch screen with blue backlight
  4. Multi Rotation settings to wind ALL Automatic Watch Brands
  5. Turns per Day settings are : 650, 750, 850, 1000, or 1950 in Either or Both Directions
  6. Watch Holder for all wrist Sizes from 16 cm to 22 cm
  7. Handy extra Storage area in the lid
  8. Even though it is exceptional quiet we put a 12 Hour Sleep Cycle so yours will never be interrupted!
  9. Auto Stop when Door Opened the winders will rotate back to their original position so you can remove the watch from the holder, no need to switch it off.
  10. Internal LED Light which can be On or Off

We Love these and know you will too!

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