8 Watch Box in Black Genuine Leather by Aevitas Luxury

8 Watch Box in Black Genuine Leather by Aevitas Luxury

Real Leather Watch Box

We have a great selection of Real Leather Watch Boxes at very reasonable prices for those who want Quality and Value. These are well designed and hand made to a very high standard. We feature in this post a fantastic Black Genuine Leather Watch Box that holds 8 wrist watches on soft yet firm Royal Blue velvet cushions. 

Real Leather Watch Box

It has a see through glass lid with locking clasp (helps to keep the kids out). Our customers love these and we have multiple 5 star product reviews on them enhancing our claim they really are great! It's supplied in a quality branded Aevitas Gift Box making it perfect for a loved one on a special occasion. 

8 Watch Box Black Genuine Leather Royal Blue Velvet Lining by Aevitas

Suitable for most people with watches up to 50 mm and between 6 and 8 inches wrist size, the box measures 24.6 x 19 x 9.2 cm. 

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  • Lee Mead
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