2 Watch Winder in Dark Burl Wood Finish by Aevitas

2 Watch Winder in Dark Burl Wood Finish by Aevitas

2 Watch Winder Dark Burl Wood

Following on from our previous post you might need a matching watch winder. These are stunning, the Dark Burl Wood finish is sublime. Truly rich and luxurious perfect for the tickers in your collection that you need to keep ticking. Your Automatic Watches, yes they are a pain, but we love them! Its engineering at its best but can be annoying having to reset them all the time. Our watch winder is the answer. It will keep your watch running ready for next time you want to wear it in perfect condition with time set ready to go. A revolution for the Automatic Watch fanatic! 

2 Watch Winder Dark Burl Wood

People ask and argue as to whether you need a watch winder. If you have only 1 Automatic Watch and wear it everyday then you do not. But if you have many watches then clearly you do. Just select the watch on the winder that takes your fancy and wear it with pride. No messing about adjusting the time, no excessive wear on the crown and its seals opening and closing them, no excessive wear on any thing. Just a timepiece running as it should having been gently rotated a few times an hour to keep it going.

2 Watch Winder Dark Burl Wood Holder

The spring loaded watch holder on our Aevitas Watch Winders will securely hold your wrist watch in place, be it a Breitling or Rolex, Cartier or Tag, Stainless Steel or Gold it will look fantastic inside this beautifully crafted Watch Winder.

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