Watch Winder Collection

Watch Winders are a relatively new product to the luxury market place. They are designed to help the watch collectors maintain their automatic wrist watches by simulating wrist movement with gentle rotation. This winds the watch and keeps the movement ticking, no more resetting time and date, just take it of the winder and wear it whenever you wish.

Our watch winders have been developed after 15 years’ experience working with other brands. Learning the problems customers face, ironing those issues out and bring them a product that is now perfect!

Aevitas watch winders run easy setting basic programs that will wind almost any automatic wrist watch. Many are both Mains and Battery powered meaning you can leave it on display as its a beautiful piece of furniture or hide it away in a safe place. Superior Japanese motors run these winders and they are virtually silent! These will wind virtually any automatic watch. The turns per day settings are suitable for all automatic watches and will never over wind your watch with their gentle action. Aevitas are the perfect choice of watch winder for all your automatic wrist watches.

Watch Winders

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