New Aevitas Safe Watch Winders

New Aevitas Safe Watch Winders

Safe Watch Winder

These are the latest thing to be added to our collection after popular demand. Its an actual Solid Heavy Safe with Watch Winders built into it. 

The interior has 4 Watch Winders that will keep your Expensive Watches Wound ready to wear and stop those chancers from stealing them. The Insurance companies love these, whilst they have no specific rating, experience so far has told us any safe is better than no safe, and the Insurance company will cover your watches with no problem at all. Just call them for advice.

Safe Watch Winder 1

The 4 Sided DMS locking system means even if the hinges were cut through the door will still remain in place with 10 x 30 mm long security bolts holding firmly shut. 

Safe Watch Winder 2

The interior is really neat. Leather lined with 3 drawers custom fitted to hold more watches, jewellery and other valuables all Safely locked away.

Safe Watch Winder 3

Digital Coded entry with backup key giving access only to those you wish. Strong thick Steel sides and front plate give excellent security. Its really heavy as well weighing more than 80 kgs no one will pick it up and run away with it!

White Safe Watch Winder

Its pretty Compact as well. 

Two Year Manufacturer Warranty 100% Serviceable

Features include:

Mechanical and Electronic Entry

LED Interior lighting

4 Individually Controlled Motors

Watch Cushions For Most Wrist Sizes

Silent Motors

Quality Finish with Leather Accents Hand Finished

Comes with Reliable Mechanical Option to open should you forget codes

83 Kilo

62.5 W x 47.5 D x 69 H (cms)





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